The EFFSC is ready for elections


2018/19 Student Representative Council (SRC) elections have begun at the University of Johannesburg. This year the Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command (EFFSC) seem positive about the elections. The EFFSC is in charge at the Doornfontein Campus and this year they are very hopeful that they will win in other campuses as well; especially Kingsway campus. Yesterday, the EFFSC had rallies all across UJ campuses where the EFF’s national spokesperson Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi was there to address the students.

The current office holders, SASCO did not really put up much effort into campaigning but they are also very hopeful that the students will vote in their favor. The EFFSC accused SASCO of being a corrupt and useless student organisation and urged the students to the right thing by voting for EFFSC. The organisation’s president Peter Keetse also made an appearance at the UJ APK campus. He promised the students that his organisation will definitely look after the needs of the students should the EFFSC be put in charge.

Dr Ndlozi, well known as the ‘people’s bae’, advised the students to the right thing and vote for the winning organisation, which is the EFFSC. He further advised the male students to treat women with respect and referred to the high rape statistics in South Africa. “real men don’t rape, a man must respect a lady”, he said. He also emphasised about that the EFFSC will look after the student’s interests and do away with corruption in the institution, this is a point that the EFFSC’s leader Keetse also made.

He also continued to state that the country needs young men who will stand up and fight for their land and protect women rather than hurting them. He finished off with a song titled Azania (Cape to Cairo).  It is now left upon the student’s hands to vote for or against the EFFSC.



I have always been aware of how people in Johannesburg are so ignorant when it comes to helping those getting mugged or harassed. A woman can not walk freely in town because there are those men who are always waiting for a woman to pass so they can harass her. The same men that we should run to for safety, are the ones who are courting us and cursing us if we do not respond to their filthy comments. They are the same ones who laugh and encourage those who are harassing us.

I remember a friend of mine was also stopped by some guy on the street full of people and asked her for a hug, and when she did not respond to him and just walked away; he took out a gun and told her he was going to shoot. Mind you, those people around her laughed instead of reprimanding this guy to put his gun away. You can imagine how frightened she must have been.

These cases have become so normal that people would pass by and pretend as if there is absolutely nothing wrong happening. One day we went shopping with my friend, on our way back on the busy streets of Johannesburg, some guy who was going the opposite direction spanked me! and the police were there patroling but they just passed and said nothing!! I even asked him “how could you do that in front of the police?”.

Today’s incident was even worse, as I was walking from friend’s place around 19:00 some strange guy pops out of nowhere in front of me and tells not to make a sound. The first thought that came to my mind was he wants to mug me, so I tell him I do not have anything on me except the t-shirt that I was carrying and my room keys. He starts searching me with his filthy hands with a smell that would kill a cat. Then he says since you do not have anything, there is something that you can give me. He tries to put his hands in pants and starts pulling me to the darker side of the road, people and cars just passed me; seeing that I’m trying to fight this guy off, still they did not bother to even ask if I was okay. I was freaking out and nobody cared!!!!

Now I’m trying by all means not to be dragged to the darker side of the road and as he lost control over me and got a bit distracted by another car that was passing by, I managed to run and get away from him as far as possible. I got into my room and cried my lungs out, and I am so thankful to God that at least all that monster took from me was t-shirt and nothing more. But the gist of this story is that he violeted me!

To all the women of this country who have been strained, hard-pressed and harassed by these monsters, I hope you have learnt that you are alone and only you have to make sure that it does not happen to the next woman.

And to those who have never experienced such, be on the alert always. The world is not as black and white as we wish it to be. Be safe.20181210_201310

Youngsters Doing It for Themselves


A different turn out for Mshini_L, today he not just achieved being a rapper but has also explored photography and finds exciting. He was introduced to photography when he shot a music video for one of his peers using his smartphone and it turned out great. 'I shot a music video for one of my friends with my phone, and to my surprise it actually came out pretty well and everyone liked it', he said.

From there onwards he shot music videos for upcoming artists like him and has taken pictures with his camera that he saved up and bought for himself.


His most recent single is titled sharp_fede and can be downloaded on the link below:

For bookings:

Facebook: Manqoba mshini l Dlamini

Insta: @Mshini_l

Going out? This is the go to place

Every once in a while we all need to lay back and take a break from all the buzz around us. Going out with friends or family is the ideal relaxation method which helps you take your mind off work and the outside world pressures.

Knowing what kind of foods and vibe you are into makes it a lot easier to decide where to go. But if you are not sure of where to go or perhaps you are looking for a different vibe, I’ve got a got to place for you in Johannesburg, in Eastgate Mall.

Mike’s Kitchen, a restuarant situated in the mall’s food court with a vibrant and friendly staff ever. I went there with a couple of friends of mine for my birthday and had the best time EVER!!

We sat in after being convinced by an actor on Mzansi magic’s show: Isibaya, who was a celebrity chef that day. We got welcome drinks and the menu is actually reasonable. The food is to die for😋.

So next time you are in Johannesburg and you are looking to go out, Mike’s Kitchen is the place to go. And they have restuarants all over parts of Johanbesburg too. Check them out and just lay back.

Eating right doesn’t have to cost a lot:

Broccoli and cauliflower salad, chicken drumsticks, potato and egg salad and butternut
Chicken breast, butternut and broccoli and cauliflower salad
Muesli and Milk or Yoghurt
Green Tea

Busy lifestyles take up time for relaxing and cooking a healthy meal. These recipes are easy to make and require even lesser ingredients, hence, they are suitable both a working mom and students.


Most of the time in the morning you do not want to eat something heavy, and yet again should keep in mind and be careful what you eat as you will need all that strength to get you through til lunch time.

For me usually my breakfast consists of muesli and milk, and sometimes I substitute milk with yoghurt. This is not just for health benefit but it is also a great meal that gives me enough energy until I have time to grab lunch.

I gulp it down with Lipton green tea, I know some people like to add sugar when it comes to green tea, but my advice would be to try and have it without sugar in that way your body gets the nutrients from it and it is very good for cleansing not only your skin but helps with digestion as well. I know this because I used to suffer from constant constipation and it has helped me, I cannot do without my Lipton green tea😊.


Because sometimes we cannot eat home-cooked meals during lunch due to our schedules, maybe you might be at work and do not have a lunchbox or if you are a student like me you end up getting a takeaway which is very unhealthy or a sugary meal like doughnuts and fizzy drinks, which will not give the vitamins you need throughout the day. One thing I have noticed is that if I grab a doughnut and a milkshake at 1, come 2 I’ll be hungry again!!

It is advisable to carry your own homecooked lunchbox. It could be leftover meal from the previous night.

Butternut, oven baked chicken(I prefer drumsticks) and potato and egg salad.


This is the part where it gets tricky for most, you are tired, you have had a long day and all you want to do is eat and sleep; so you grab a takeaway or prepare already cooked meals which dieticians always warn against as they are very unhealthy and are contributors of some health problems.

Here is a quick recipe:

Broccoli, Cauliflower and cheddar salad (the best thing about this salad is that you don’t need to cook anything). It can be servd with chicken breasts and butternut as well.

BEAUTY AND THE BRAINS:Behind Every Successful Daughter; There’s A Strong Mother


Dr. Tshivhase, a first black South African woman to obtain a PhD in Philosophy. (This interview took place early this year as a feature for The Open Journal, but never got published).

It was rather a shiny day considering the warmth that chased the dew off the grass outside the art centre at the University of Johannesburg. I was walking as fast as I could, but my heavy one-arm bag seemed to slow me down, I stopped at the Madibeng entrance to look for this lady I’ve only seen in a picture on the university’s website. I was late and nervous. Finally, when I looked on my left I saw her; she seemed even more beautiful than that picture I saw of her and that pink blazer made her complexion look even more brighter. She turned to talk me the moment I walked up to her and with a bright smile she politely asked ’are you Nokulunga?’, and when I responded with a yes that had confidence, she held out her hand for a shake and she continued to say, ‘nice to meet you’.

From the way she was dressed one could tell that she was clean and that she loved herself. She kindly showed me to an on-campus restaurant near the art centre which was where we were going to hold the interview in. she asked a lot of questions about me and The Open Journal, she showed interest in knowing who and what she was dealing with without being rude or scaring me off as we walked towards the restaurant. We walked into the restaurant and she asked me which table I was comfortable with and I chose the middle one which was set for four, so we could place our bags on the empty chairs. The waitress came to take our order; Dr Tshivhase ordered first, a take away and I didn’t order anything instead I took out my dragon energy drink that I had bought the previous day.

She continued to make conversation with me which put me at ease, and her smile showed that she was a nice person. We talked about life in general and varsity life. I then pulled out my Hisense phone to start recording the interview which then felt like a conversation with an old friend that I haven’t seen in years. “Do you mind if I record this?”, I asked. “Oh no problem”, she answered. ‘Does that make it easier to get everything than writing word for word?’, she continued; “It’s much easier to record and then I jot everything down and get to relive the moment when I’m writing the story’, I replied.

New title and achievement

To Mpho all this seems to have not yet sunk in. You can tell that she was excited but at the same time not used to her new title and she now recognises why everyone is stunned and some inspired by her achievement. “Well, it’s still new, because I didn’t know that this was the fact. It is quite overwhelming, I think part of the overwhelming aspect of it is that it is bigger than what I imagined, so when I was doing this thing it was just I’m doing a PHD, like anything else come first year, second year and then third year and there’s honour’s, master’s and then you like ‘oh I want a PHD’, so I did that and there had been chatter about it but I didn’t believe it. What makes it big for many is that it is a symbol, for me it is just another degree but for other people it’s inspiration, it is a sign that there are possibilities out there, it’s also a breaking of a particular barrier. I feel like I’m contributing positively’’, she said.

Background: parents, family and school

Charity begins at home; this saying does not only refer to home as the house you are raised in, but it can also mean the community you live in. Dr Mpho’s story is proof of this, she grew up in a community that believed in education being the key to success and emphasised education. “The community that I come from, school is a very big thing so from being a toddler you go to creche, move on to primary and then high school where you must now think about what you want to do with your life. I went to a boarding school, I was very active there, I played netball, participated in the choir and at some point, I played hockey, but I had to choose one in the end because it was all too much and interfered with my studies. I have two siblings and I am the youngest one. I always wanted to be a psychologist, I thought that was my calling since I was that girl friends came to for advice and so I thought; ‘no man I’m a natural at this’. I got to university and I started to learn what psychology really is and I realised that I don’t have the emotional capacity to be a psychologist that’s when I decided to do philosophy”, said Dr Tshivhase. Teach them while they are young, and they will grow with it.


“My mother was a teacher so there was a lot of discipline involved, she would check our homework. She was a single parent so it was a lot for her to do that because she had her job in the rural areas and so she had to leave the house at around 5-6 in the morning and came back at 4; but she did a very good job and I wouldn’t blame her for anything because we had everything we needed and almost everything we wanted too she was able to provide, so growing up with her was normal as you know mothers can be very strict at times; I remember when I told I wanted to go to boarding school she could not understand why but when I had finally convinced her she allowed me to go to the one near home where I can be home for weekends’’, says Mpho with a proud face. You could tell that she is very proud of her mother’s ability to raise Mpho and her siblings the way that she did. Even though she was a single parent, she became both their mother and father at the same time.

Funding for postgraduate studies:

Most people get their degrees and run out to look for jobs, for some of these people this is purely their choice but some of them have no choice but to search for jobs because they cannot afford to further their studies to post-graduate studies. This was also the same case with Dr Tshivhase but when you work hard great things follow you, some may call it luck but it is all one’s work. “When I was in Honour’s I was lucky because I remember when I was halfway through my family did not have the money to get me through, so I remember the one I said to my mother just give me money to register and I’ll see what I’ll do, she managed to get me money and I registered then I got a tutor job, I stayed with relatives in Soweto but I still had to buy bus ticket(s) and so by May I realised  I wasn’t going to be able to pay, remember you get those letters from the university reminding you to pay so in May I decided to write my first semester exams and then I could come back and continue in second semester when I had the money and so I wrote my exams. I remember telling my friends that this is goodbye, they were like no, we could speak to our parents and figure something out, but I couldn’t accept that because it felt like it too much”, says Mpho. ‘Then the head of the department managed to find me money so when I came back the university found money to pay for my fees, so my fees for the year in Honour’s were paid up. And then coincidentally when I came back I had applied for NRF bursary and when I came back around August NRF contacted me and told me that I was next up on the list and it just so happens that someone dropped out so there are funds available, so I used some of that money to register for my Master’s. I continued applying for funding and I got into the Next Generation Scholarship (NGS), I  my second year of my master’s I was on the NGS, I had NRF in the beginning and then NGS throughout the year and PHD until I got a job at the University of Pretoria and then I had to cancel the bursary given that I now had a job’, she continued.

Postgraduate studies are very expensive, the price of studying grows every year as there are increases in tuition fees, but I think what’s more expensive is the general upkeep; rent, transport costs, food and those kinds of things. All in all, it becomes very expensive to study your master’s and PHD and it’s easy to see why people would rather get a full-time job as opposed to squander for money to get through postgraduate studies. It is advisable for students to apply for funding because there are funds available for post-graduate studies, one just must work hard because the competition is high.

Thesis: Towards A Normative Theory of Uniqueness of Persons

“Well it comes from my Master’s in which I did my thesis on Identity; basically, who are you, what does it mean to have an identity, what is it made up of and when you say I am this particular person what are you referring to? And then in my PHD I thought okay, I’ve sort of defined what identity means but how does that make you different, is it possible to actually create an identity that’s different from another person’s identity? And that’s when I sort of bumped into uniqueness. As I was doing my research I realised that what has been written has to do with distinguishing things of different natures, so the thing here is that it’s a comparison of things of different nature”, said Dr Tshivhase. Good things come to those who wait and put in the work. “It took me five to six years to write my thesis because along the way I got sick and then I started a new job and so there were disruptions there for about two years there was no work on the thesis”, she added.  Another thing about post-grad studies that people need to understand is that life happens while you’re studying, you can lose a loved one, lose your home, get sick and even run out of money. “A lot of things can happen and I think the key thing there is to find the strength to go back and strength comes from your commitment to your goals, if you’ve told yourself you want to go a certain space and things happen then you ought to adopt an attitude like water: when it encounters a solid object it goes round it and that’s how one should approach post-grad studies”, she continued. A positive mindset and dedication are two major factors that contribute to success.

Supervision:  Prof Thaddeus Metz

“Prof Metz is an A rated scholar; a philosopher and he works at the field of African Philosophy. I worked with him and he was a very good supervisor, I learnt a lot from him. He was supportive, very patient and very encouraging as well. I don’t think people realise how important a supervisor is to a project because post-grad stuff is very lonely, it’s a single person’s sport like tennis there are no teammates it’s just you and your coach so if you get a bad supervisor someone who doesn’t read your work often, doesn’t meet with you often and whose feedback always takes forever it can delay you in very negative ways because post-grad studies are also very emotional and the risk of getting depression and other psychological disorders is very high especially in PHD studies, and so you need somebody whose supervision style is one that is responsive to your personality as well because you work with that person for years therefore if your personalities are different  it is not going to work and what suffers in the end is your work and progress”, says Dr Tshivhase. The two had a good working relationship which led to Dr Mpho’s success. Without a support structure you can never make it as far you would have with one. Dr Tshivhase recognises the need of a supervisor during post-grad studies.